What We Do

Credit Management

Investcorp Credit Management is a leading global credit manager with assets under management of in excess of US$22 billion. Based in London and New York, the business manages funds that invest primarily in senior secured corporate credit and private debt issued by mid- and large-cap corporates in the US and Western Europe. We have a 16-year history of providing attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors across a variety of income-generating products. Our global sourcing platform and proprietary distribution allow for access to attractive investment opportunities and market timing. Our platform is further enhanced by Investcorp’s strong balance sheet, and frequent position as an investor, fostering further alignment with our investors.

Our core objective is to seek consistent market outperformance for investors through careful asset selection and dynamic portfolio management, driven by rigorous, bottom-up credit analysis focusing on business and macro fundamentals. We aim to produce diversified, total return-focused portfolios, with a constant focus on capital preservation.

Our funds are managed by a global team of highly skilled investment professionals who have gained extensive credit experience investing through numerous market cycles. Our global team comprises over 35 investment professionals who average over 18 years of credit investing experience and are further supported by a team of 20 professionals. Governance of Investcorp Credit Management is overseen by Investcorp’s Operating Committee. The Global Head and Founder of ICM, Jeremy Ghose, is a member of the Investcorp Operating Committee together with other management and investment committees.

We utilize longstanding capital markets relationships, close relationships with equity sponsors, intermediaries and market participants to achieve a competitive advantage in both sourcing and trading investments.

We manage a range of investment strategies and vehicles for our clients, including:

Loan funds, including leveraged and unleveraged vehicles
For investors who want exposure to North American and European senior secured floating rate corporate loans

Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs) (the Harvest and Jamestown series)
For investors who want access to leveraged funds investing in loans to European and US companies

Investcorp Credit Management BDC, Inc (“ICMB”)
For investors who want access to private debt investing in loans to mid- market US companies