Oliver Kaltner

Advisory Directors

With more than 28 years in business, Oliver Kaltner has a track record of growing and scaling businesses and has held leadership positions in some of the biggest technology companies in the world. Kaltner has achieved significant increases in sales, profits and company value in his career.

His current role is CEO of ROOM Europe, a New York based startup company. Before this, Kaltner has served as CEO of the luxury camera brand Leica, where he oversaw the company’s digital transformation into a hardware, software and services company. Leica’s shareholder are an Austria based family office and Blackstone. Prior to that he was General Manager at Microsoft EMEA and Germany, and has assumed prominent senior executive positions at Sony, Sky, Electronic Arts, and Nike. Kaltner is an expert in digital and IoT-based business models on global level. He has also invested in a number of startup companies, is active as an advisor and member of various supervisory boards.