Investcorp outlines post Covid-19 opportunities in China and Southeast Asia

28 Oct 2020

Investcorp today launched a new white paper “The Rising Opportunities in China and Southeast Asia post Covid-19”.

The paper, part of the Insights Series, is authored by Duncan Zheng, Head of Private Equity China, and members of Investcorp’s Private Equity Asia team: Helen Chan, Mathew Coleman, Megan Zheng. It outlines its thesis for capitalizing on investment opportunities in the world’s largest growth markets for technology, healthcare and consumption.

Investcorp analyzes how the fast adoption of new technologies in 5G, artificial intelligence, next generation healthcare and new consumerism, coupled with effective models of governments and demographic trends, are poised to drive sustainable growth across China and Southeast Asia.

Duncan Zheng, Head of Private Equity China, said: “Investcorp is optimistic about the market prospects in China and Southeast Asia. China, the second largest economy in the world, has ample room for sustained long-term growth, and Southeast Asia is a vibrant part of the world, that international investors should be focusing on. It is set to benefit from three demographic tailwinds, a growing population, a rising workforce, and a low median age. In the white paper, we outline the key growth drivers and trends in technology, healthcare and consumption, and we remain bullish on investing in these sectors in Asia.”

The White Paper concludes that with China assuming the role of the main counterpart to the US in virtually all aspects of the global economy, and with Southeast Asia entering a golden age of demographic dividend, adequate portfolio exposure to both regions is key in constructing a balanced asset allocation strategy and achieving risk-adjusted returns.

Since launching its Asia expansion strategy in 2017, Investcorp has committed more than US $1 billion of capital toward investments in China and Southeast Asia alongside its clients and partners. Investcorp invests in companies based in China and Southeast Asia in the consumer, healthcare and technology sectors, that are expected to benefit from Asia’s expanding middle class and the digital transformation of these economies.

For more information, download the complete white paper here