Hyderabad, India


NephroPlus is India’s largest dialysis network and has 196 centres across 115+ cities of India.  Each NephroPlus center is a one stop shop for all of dialysis guest’s needs. With a strong commitment to quality, NephroPlus is spearheading a change in the way dialysis is done in India.

NephroPlus has a strong focus on patient centric care where each patient is treated as a “guest.”  One of the main goals at NephroPlus is to enable dialysis guests lead lives as close to normal as possible. NephroPlus strives to ensure that dialysis sessions remain a small part of a guest’s life, encouraging them to do things everyone does – work, travel, have fun. It is the only dialysis network in India to have a Holiday dialysis network with 15 tourist destinations across the Country including Agra, Goa, Alleppey, Dehradun, Rishikesh, Tirupati, and Varanasi. It is the only dialysis network in the World which conducts Dialysis Olympiad every two years with next edition coming up in Pune on December 22nd.