Martin Wuelfert

Operating Executives

Martin Wuelfert sits on the board of multiple cloud platform providers and software/IT Services companies. His latest operational management role was CEO of the German cyber-security organization DCSO, created by the four German DAX companies Allianz, BASF, Bayer and Volkswagen. DCSO provides high-end cyber-security managed services for some of the largest German enterprises. Prior to joining DCSO Martin served as CEO of the leading European transportation management cloud platform Transporeon. Before that he founded Your Business Lab (YBL), a boutique consulting firm that specialized in product, go-to-market and M&A strategy within the software industry.

Before founding YBL, Mr. Wuelfert managed Utimaco Safeware AG as CEO for over seven years, also during Investcorp’s ownership, until the company was acquired by and integrated into Sophos. Prior to Utimaco, Mr. Wuelfert served at various management positions in the Novartis group, including being a division CIO for many years, M&A integration manager in Australia & New Zealand and general manager of Novartis Animal Health in Germany.

Mr. Wuelfert holds a diploma in Theoretical Physics from the University of Basel, Switzerland.