Jeremy Ghose


Jeremy Ghose is the Managing Partner and CEO of Investcorp Credit Management (ICM). He is Chairman of the Global and European Investment Committees at ICM and a member of Investcorp’s Management and Investment Committees. Jeremy joined Investcorp when it had acquired 3i Debt Management in 2017.

Previously, Jeremy joined 3i Debt Management in 2011, following the acquisition of Mizuho Investment Management from Mizuho Corporate Bank by 3i.  At 3i, Jeremy was a member of the Executive and Risk Committee of 3i Group plc and CEO and Managing Partner of the Debt Management business from inception.

Prior to joining 3i, Jeremy was with Mizuho Corporate Bank (formerly The Fuji Bank) since 1988. Jeremy was the founder of Mizuho’s Leveraged Finance business in 1988 and the founder of the third-party independent fund management business in 2005. He had overall responsibility for the LBO/MBO franchise, leveraged syndications, mezzanine finance and equity fund business in Europe, U.S. and Asia (excluding Japan). Under his supervision, the bank was involved in financing over 500 buy-out transactions.

A veteran of the leveraged buy-out and M&A markets, Jeremy has over 38 years of relevant experience globally. He was an Executive Officer of Mizuho Corporate Bank, being the first non-Japanese person to achieve this status in the bank’s history. He holds a B.A. (Honours) degree in Business Administration and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Jeremy holds the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Senior Management Functions 1 (Chief Executive) & 3 (Executive Director).