Investcorp brings together leaders in Turkey

16 Mar 2016

Investcorp brings together leaders in Turkey to discuss investment in family-owned and private businesses.

Investcorp, a leading provider and manager of alternative investment products, hosted a conference in Istanbul to discuss partnership opportunities that support the growth of private and family-owned businesses in Turkey.

The conference, called the Investcorp Partners Meeting, was attended by over 50 guests and held at the Çira­ĝan Palace Kempinski Istanbul.

Speaking at the event were investment professionals who shared knowledge on investment trends and thought leadership in the private equity industry. Also discussed was the significance of strategic partnerships in boosting the growth of family businesses, through the provision of financial capital, as well as operational and portfolio management expertise.

Investcorp’s Executive Chairman, Mohammed Al Ardhi, gave an opening speech about Investcorp’s history, its vision and growth strategy. He also discussed current investments in Turkey and opportunities that can help Turkish companies grow across the region and internationally.

Mohammed Al Ardhi said, “Investcorp has been investing in family businesses and private companies around the world for over thirty years. Originally established as a bridge between the Gulf and the West, we are now on an ambitious growth journey to more than double our assets in the medium term.”

“Since 2007, we have made investments in four different companies, and have succeeded in building a strong network and understanding of the Turkish market. Turkey is one of the largest economies in the MENA region, with strong market fundamentals and a solid private sector, and we remain excited about the country’s potential for growth.”

Investcorp’s latest investment in the country was the acquisition of Arvento, Turkey’s leading telematics company, in 2015. Other portfolio companies in Turkey include: Namet, the leading Turkish producer of fresh cut and packaged processed red meat products; Orka Group, the leading luxury branded menswear retailer; and Tiryaki Agro, the leading trader and supply chain manager of agro commodities in Turkey.

Also amongst the topics discussed at the conference were the economic outlook of the Gulf, Europe and US, as well as best practices in corporate investments. Both Mohammed Al Shroogi and Rishi Kapoor, Co-Chief Executive Officers at Investcorp were amongst the speakers at the event; as well as Savio Tung, Senior Advisor at Investcorp.