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Investcorp targets existing office, retail, industrial, multifamily and hospitality properties located in the largest 30 main metropolitan areas in the US. Our emphasis is on properties in proven locations with some opportunity for value enhancement over the investment term. Our acquisitions tend to have strong cash flows, a proven operating history and high initial occupancy.

We acquire controlling interests in our equity investments and usually operate in contractual association with established national or regional real estate companies, which frequently choose to co-invest with us.

While the majority of investments are in the form of common equity, we invest across the capital structure, including preferred equity and high-yield mortgage and mezzanine debt. Investcorp underwrites every transaction using its own balance sheet, minimizing the execution risk of utilizing third-party capital.   

Subsequent to acquisition, we offer clients co-investment opportunities with the potential for both strong cash flow and attractive capital gains over a five-year investment period.

We aggregate investments in properties or loans into a series of multi-asset portfolios for our clients and, in certain cases, source specific investments for individual and institutional clients. 

Many of our investments are structured in accordance with Shari’ah principles.

Our people are our strength.<br/>Meet the team

Our people are our strength.
Meet the team

Latest real estate news

Latest real estate news