Credit management

Investcorp Credit Management manages a range of funds and strategies on behalf of institutional and UHNW investors:

ICM European Middle Market Fund

For investors who want access to loans to middle market European companies

Investcorp Credit Management BDC, Inc
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Collateralised Loan Obligations "CLOs" (the Harvest and Jamestown series)

For investors who want access to leveraged funds investing in loans to European and US companies

Vintage Private Equity Fund of Funds

For Investors who want to broad diversification in portfolios that contain different underlying assets

Customised Accounts

For investors who want a solution not offered by our existing strategies, we can provide customised portfolios which may be built to suit individual client demands. Portfolios may be tailored by required asset mix, geography, sector, structure, portfolio leverage and target return.

Our people are our strength.<br/>Meet the team

Our people are our strength.
Meet the team