Absolute return investments

Integrated investment program - Our alternative investment solutions program has been designed to address a variety of investor requirements and we are constantly evaluating potential new offerings based on potential opportunities and investor feedback.

Customized multi-manager solutions

For investors who want to have a diversified exposure to hedge funds, we provide customized multi-manager solutions. These customized investment portfolios can include all hedge fund strategies, a subset of these strategies or a single strategy.

  • Investcorp works with clients to design portfolios that are tailored to each investor’s specific objectives and constraints and to select a targeted mix of approved hedge fund managers in order to create an optimized solution

  • Investment guidelines, restrictions and limits are agreed upon prior to investment

Hedge fund partnerships

For investors who want to construct their own portfolio, but are looking for emerging investment talent that is supported by an institutional platform, we provide access to managers we have seeded or provided with strategic investments.

  • We source highly-credentialed and differentiated emerging talent

  • We leverage the experience and expertise we have gained from making 75 investments in emerging talent

  • We help mitigate many of the business risks generally associated with emerging managers

Special opportunities portfolios

For investors who are looking for topical investment themes that are attractive over the medium term we offer special opportunities portfolios.

  • We launched our first special opportunities portfolio in 2011 to capitalize on the dislocation in credit markets, and we continue to develop these portfolios as large dislocations or structural shifts arise

Alternative risk premia

  • For investors who are looking to achieve enhanced diversification and resilience in times of market stress, we have identified and structured an alternative risk premia solution that delivers reliably and efficiently.  We are early adopters with a breadth and depth of expertise and use an innovative approach for portfolio construction. 

¹ As of June 30, 2014. Hedge funds program assets include assets managed or co-managed by Investcorp Bank B.S.C. and its subsidiaries and affiliates ‘“Investcorp’) including proprietary investments of Investcorp, as well as assets placed by Investcorp and managed by third-party asset managers.

Our people are our strength.<br/>Meet the team

Our people are our strength.
Meet the team

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Hedge funds research

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