Absolute return investments

Nimble and innovative approach

We strive to anticipate client needs, respond quickly to major investment opportunities that result from major market events and adapt to changing trends in the industry.

Our history of innovation includes:

  • Early recognition of the potential for emerging managers to outperform their more-established peers – we have made 75 early-stage investments (within 12 months of inception) since 1996
  • Began launching emerging investment talent in 2004 as a way to provide investors with direct access to these managers
  • Launched special opportunities portfolios in 2011, enabling investors to capitalize on unique economic circumstances

Disciplined investment process

Our alternative investment solutions investment team utilizes a disciplined and proven investment process, with well-defined decision points, that has been designed to support all investment decisions with clear rationale.

The alternative investment solutions program maintains stringent investment criteria that include high levels of transparency, pedigree, investment integrity and operational capabilities.

Our people are our strength. <br>Meet the team

Our people are our strength.
Meet the team

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Hedge funds research

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