At its core, Investcorp is a global mid-market specialist.

Our corporate investment business has over 30 years of investing in mid-market companies across North America, Europe and the MENA region. With more than $36 billion in transaction value, our past and present portfolios include more than 150 investments across a range a sectors, including retail and consumer products, technology, business services and industrials.  

Our real estate team focuses on mid-market core and core-plus investment opportunities throughout the US. Our real estate portfolio ranges across existing office, retail, industrial, multifamily and hospitality properties located primarily in the main 30 US metropolitan areas. Our annual transaction volume is approximately $1 billion per year.

Corporate investment - Europe

  • Agromillora


    Agromillora is the leading global propagator of permanent crops including olive, nut and fruit trees.


    Location: Barcelona, Spain

    Acquired: 2016

    Founded in 1986, Agromillora is the leading global propagator of permanent crops including olive, nut and fruit trees. In the 1990s and early 2000s, the Company pioneered the production and marketing of olive trees for super high-density orchards. Today, Agromillora provides nurseries and growers with a complete portfolio of high-quality, high-productivity trees and is leading the adoption of high-density plantation models across multiple crops. With a global network of 11 production facilities and a commercial presence in 9 countries, Agromillora reaches clients in over 25 countries.

    Website: www.agromillora.com

  • Corneliani


    Corneliani is an Italian luxury menswear brand best known for its men’s suits and chic casualwear


    Location: Milan, Italy
    Acquired: 2016

    Founded in 1958, Corneliani is a luxury clothing brand best known for its men’s suits and chic casualwear and is one of the oldest independent Italian luxury brands. Corneliani employs approximately 1,100 people and benefits from a global sales presence in 68 countries through 10 directly operated stores, approximately 850 multi-brand stores, more than 75 franchise stores and 50 store-in-stores, including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales. As the luxury clothing market has shifted towards more casual lines of clothing, the Corneliani brand has adapted well to the changing conditions, combining tradition, quality and modernity into each new collection. In 2015, the company reported revenues in excess of €110 million.

    Website: www.corneliani.com

  • SecureLink


    SecureLink is a leading European cyber security infrastructure and managed services provider


    Location: Wommelgem, Belgium and Sliedrecht in the Netherlands

    Acquired: 2015


    Founded in 2003, SecureLink is a leading European cyber security infrastructure and managed services provider, offering integrated security solutions for corporations and institutions in the mid-market. The company provides advance security solutions, as well as managed security services (‘MSS’), helping its customers to handle complex security challenges and requirements, mitigating risk exposure and delivering a reliable secure infrastructure. The company currently employs 150 people.


    Website: www.securelink.be

  • Dainese


    A leading brand for safety and quality in the motorcycle and other dynamic sports market


    Location: Vicenza, Italy

    Acquired: 2015

    Founded in 1972, Dainese is the most recognized and respected brand for safety and quality in the motorcycle and other dynamic sports market. Originally known for its competitive motorcycling racing wear, Dainese has subsequently diversified its product range and today provides protective gear for road and racing use alike, as well as for use in winter sports, biking and horse riding. In addition, through the AGV brand name, Dainese is one of the leading protective helmet manufacturers for the motorcycle market. Through its Dainese Technology Centre (D-Tec), an R&D technical centre for the study of protective technology and the development of innovative products, the Company strives to ensure it remains at the forefront of innovation.  

    Website: www.dainese.com

  • SPGPrints Group B.V.

    SPGPrints Group B.V.

    A leading global provider of integrated systems for the textile and graphic industries

    SPGPrints Group B.V.

    Location: Boxmeer, The Netherlands

    Acquired: 2014

    Established in 1947, SPGPrints is the leading global provider of integrated solutions for rotary screen and digital printing for textiles and graphic applications, and the leading manufacturer of precision metal components for a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Boxmeer, The Netherlands, the Company is represented in more than 100 countries worldwide and in 2013, generated revenue of €214 million, a large share of which was from emerging markets. 

    Website: www.spgprints.com

  • Georg Jensen

    Georg Jensen

    A leading Scandinavian luxury brand with more than 110 years of history

    Georg Jensen

    Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

    Acquired: 2012

    Founded by the eponymous Danish designer in 1904, Georg Jensen A/S (‘Georg Jensen') is a global luxury brand that designs, manufactures and distributes jewelry, watches, fine silverware and high-end homeware. With a history that spans over 110 years, the Georg Jensen brand has a deep heritage as a silversmith and represents world-class craftsmanship and timeless designs.

    The company continues to leverage its authentic Danish roots in key aspects of its business and is considered to be a high-quality Scandinavian design in the global luxury market. Many of Georg Jensen's well-known products, such as the Fusion, Moonlight and Daisy jewelry collections, the Vivianna and Koppel watch collections, the Masterpieces homeware range as well as the iconic Fish Dish Tray, were developed in collaboration with highly renowned and respected names in European design, including Georg Arthur Jensen himself.

    Today, the company has 100 fully owned stores and three franchised stores across the world, employing approximately 1,200 employees.

    Website: www.georgjensen.com

  • Esmalglass


    A leading producer of glazes, color pigments and inks for the global ceramic industry


    Location: Villarreal, Spain

    Acquired: 2012

    Esmalglass-Itaca Group ('Esmalglass') is a leading producer of intermediate products for the global ceramic industry. Established in 1978 the company produces (i) ceramic glazes, a vitreous coating applied to the surface of tiles; (ii) ceramic colors, compounds used to decorate the body or the surface of tiles; and (iii) inkjet inks, an innovative and rapidly growing technology, to decorate tile surfaces using digital printers.

    The company serves more than 450 customers in 69 countries worldwide, complementing its high-quality product offering with customer-oriented service and first-class technical assistance. Esmalglass's global activities are supported by three manufacturing plants in Spain and Brazil and mixing plants in Portugal, Italy, Russia and Indonesia.

    The company has significant presence in the emerging markets with more than 50% of sales coming from Latin America, Middle East and China among others.

    Headquartered in Villarreal, Spain, the company employs approximately 1,000 people.

    Website: www.esmalglass-itaca.com

  • CEME


    A leading manufacturer of fluid control components for household and industrial appliances


    Location: Carugate, Italy

    Acquired: 2008

    Ceme is a leading manufacturer of fluid control components for household and industrial appliances. Ceme operates through three business divisions - coffee, appliances and industrial. These divisions reflect the end markets served by the company. Coffee, the largest division of the company, services the fluid component needs of espresso and vending machine manufacturers. The appliances division caters mainly to the ironing and heating segment while the industrial division caters to the professional coffee and steam as well as welding and refrigeration segments.

    Headquartered in Carugate in Lombardy, Italy, Ceme operates six state-of-the-art production facilities in Italy and China and employs approximately 400 people.

    Website: www.cemegroup.com